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Overflow Service

The Goldilocks Paradox
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No doubt as you are aware, staffing an in-house legal costing department has its problems.

Too much capacity and you can be wasting a lot of money and possibly building up liabilities.

Too little capacity and you can create back logs, disgruntled employees, upset partners and lack of cash-flow!

But if you think about it there’s probably no such thing as the ideal staffing level. 

You can only ever get it broadly right.  Staff take holidays, are off ill, there’s maternity/paternity, the mix of expertise level can be a problem, the workflow can be erratic along with many other things that can impact upon the running of a successful department.

At Veritas we believe we have a strategy ideal for you.

If you wish to run your own in-house costing department then why not plan to have staff cover for approximately 90%-95% of the workload.  Planning for this is much easier than trying to cover for all the work all of the time. Then, when you have too much work coming in (for whatever reason), let us handle your overflow.  Be it the complex material, Bill production with or without negotiation or just one person’s workload until they return - you choose and you stay in control. 

The following are just some of the situations where Veritas can help.

Free Delivery
Let Veritas Smooth Out
Your Workflow.
  • Staff Holiday/Sickness
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Sudden Increase in Workflow
  • A Staff Vacancy is Unfilled
  • A Case is More Complex Than Your Staff Feel Comfortable With
  • or Where Your Staff (Whilst Extremely Capable) are Missing Key Expertise
  • and More...

Support  Services

In addition to overflow cover we also offer our clients an advice service which is usually free for current customers.

If you find the concept interesting or have a gap you need to fill just contact us to see if we can help.